During this challenging time we turn to The Vegan Hairdresser – Andrea Harvey to find out expert advice for caring for your hair….

If you are not able to get to a salon, and your hair is stressing you out, what can you do to keep your locks looking their best without your hairdresser pulling their hair out trying to fix your mistakes.

Always use the best products you can afford.

Look for products that are sulphate free….. Sulphate’s can fade colour, dry your hair and irate the scalp and if you have an itchy scalp, sulphates could make it worse. With salons being closed look for brands that you can buy online such as The Body Shop, Kindred Natured and Maui at Superdrug’s.  

Always use a conditioner. 

Conditioners will help keep your hair shiny and manageable. Use a light, spray, leave in conditioner if your hair is fine and tends to be oily, that way it won’t become oilier and will not be weighed down with product.

Use treatments if your hair is damaged.

A restructuring treatment works differently to a conditioner which only works on the outside, the cuticle, of the hair. A treatment will go into the hair and add moisture making dry, damaged, hair feel better and more manageable too. Use once a week between conditioners.

Box colours are not the one!

If you do not have any white hair, try to stick to a semi-permanent colour rather than a permanent. That way, if it turns out to be a colour you are not sure about, it can be easily removed.

If, and really only if you reach for a permanent box colour to cover your regrowth, only apply to the root area.  Applying tint over tint will go darker. Also, tint will not lighten tint however it may go darker.

Remember that a dark or medium brown are very dark, in some cases, they look black! For something different, look out for Manic panic-available on Amazon.


Bleach is one of the strongest chemicals used in a salon, and when used in experienced hairdressers hand, is safe, but without the know-how, it can leave you with very orange patchy results at best and at worse broken hair that is snapping away from your scalp.

Scruffy updos.

If your roots become too much, scooping your hair up in to a scruffy updo can make your roots disguised and can look amazing.

  • Keep it clean.

There is nothing worse than dirty hair to make it feel horrible. If you need volume, spray a bit of dry shampoo at the roots to give some OMPH! 

Cutting it fine.

The last thing that you should do is attempt to cut your hair or your families, however if we are unable to visit a salon for 3 or 4 months, you may feel desperate.

So, some tips for you….

  • Play at wearing your fringe in different ways. As it gets longer, sweep it to the side or use a clip to it into a quiff.
  • Play with styling products. Before reaching for the scissors, try gel or wax to create different looks.
  • If you must cave into the chop – use sharp scissors. Blunt, big kitchen scissors or tiny nail scissors will not give you a good, straight result.
  • With the fringe area, never cut past the hairline at the temples. This will create lines in the hair.
  • Be aware that hair is longer when wet – so if you cut your hair wet you could take too much off and the hair will become much shorter than you wanted….. Less is more!
  • Hairdressers and barbers make it look easy…. however creating a fade when you don’t know what your doing can end in tears! So, if your husband or son wants a cut, use a number 4 or longer all over. If you are feeling brave, go for a lower number attachment, say a 3, around the edges. Never go to high.

Remember, your hairdresser is not always able to correct your mistakes in one go and sometimes, when it comes to colour, it can take months to put right.

Try to enjoy your hair as it changes from your original style and colour, you never know, you may like what it grows into! 

Always do an allergy test before colouring.

So with all this in mind and the not knowing how long it is going to be until we can be safely in the hand of our hairdresser….. try to be kind to your hair! Do not attempt anything drastic! 

Thanks Andrea!

15 years ago, Andrea Harvey, The Vegan Hairdresser, made a decision that would change the direction of her life and career forever.

After training and managing leading hairdressing salons in London and Dubai Andrea opened her own salon in Southend, Essex.

Earth Vegan Salon was to be the first 100% vegan and cruelty free hair and beauty salon in Essex. Earth Vegan Salon attracts people from all over the South of England.

Earth Salon recently introduced its own hair range and the brand includes shampoos, conditioners and styling products that are a high-end quality and at a reachable price tag and obviously vegan and cruelty free. 

To book an appointment or a free consultation at Earth Vegan Salon click here.