After many restless nights at VV HQ trying to figure out which gadget or aid to put into our “Sleep Gadget Round Up” we thought “Hey! lets try them all out”. So after a few good nights sleep we offer our dream list to help you fall asleep more easily too.


HoMedics Rejuvenate is the perfect way to improve your sleep. By delivering soothing and room-filling sounds to block exterior noise pollution, you can forget noisy neighbours and busy road traffic. Sound machines are also a great way to increase concentration and create the perfect setting for calming activities like meditation practice.

“The thunder setting helped me feel relaxed and having the timer is really helpful. Not sure keen on the “white noise” although I hear this does help a lot of people. A handy not expensive gadget well worth trying.”

The HoMedics Dream Diffuser is a great solution to a restless night. With up to 6 hours of continuous runtime. The ultrasonic aroma diffuser delivers a fine mist of natural aroma to enhance your mood. The colour-changing light gives a gentle glow to create a peaceful environment for restful sleep.

“This is great on my bedside table. The colours are beautiful and the mist is not over powering. I am enjoying using this and will carry on as it’s helping me sleep.”
HoMedics Dream Ultrasonic Diffuser
RRP £39.99 and HoMedics SoundSpa Rejuvenate Sleep Aid Machine  RRP £29.99

CalyFx CBD Vape Sleep Pen

Now this is something rather different for us to talk about on VeggieVision TV however with such great credentials, vegan friendly and designed to support your sleep we gave it a go.

“I was a little concerned with how I would feel and I felt fine! I felt a little relaxed but not vastly different so I felt rest assured and will happily use from time to time when I need this before sleep.”

CalyFX blends are 100% natural, pure and free from additional ingredients commonly found in less-good quality products. Prepared in California and independently lab-tested and verified, the range is of the highest integrity and notable for having:

  • No PG – propylene glycol
  • No VG – vegetable glycerine
  • No MCT – medium chain triglycerides (made from processing coconut and palm kernel oils in a laboratory)
  • 100% full-spectrum CBD oil which includes other compounds of the cannabis plant and is considered more effective than CBD isolate (which exists without the compounds)
  • 100% plant-based terpenes (found in essential oils, they give aromas and flavours)
  • Pure CBD hemp oil with less than the minimum 0.2% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the main psychoactive part of the cannabis plant that gives an illegal ‘high’.

The CalyFX cartridges are sold separately from the rechargeable pen-shaped battery.  This means that you need only buy one pen-shaped battery and then buy one or more of the six different cartridges which are interchangeable.

I understand people worry about ‘vaping’, but it’s far from an e-cigarette/smoking replacement experience used in this way.  I simply take a draw or two before bedtime and that’s it.  I swear by this product myself and am so anti-smoking/anti-drugs/medication you wouldn’t believe it!” Katherine Mottley.

Share The Gift Of Better Sleep With Slumberdown

Bedding experts Slumberdown is on hand with its Scented Pillows to give everyone the gift of better sleep.

Infused with subtle scents proven to positively boost mood, the pillows help transform any room into a relaxing haven, creating a happy place where everyone can unwind from a stressful day. With colourful printed designs, the scented pillows are the ideal gift for those who want to bring a bit of fun and happiness to where they sleep.

The pillows come in two fruit infused scents: Berry Bliss, A beautiful blend of berries for bedtime and beyond and Tropical Crush, A perfect pairing of pineapple and passionfruit for a little paradise. Both £9.99.

Slumberdown tells us;

  • The pillows aren’t filled with feathers and the scent is vegan friendly.
  • They are full size pillows that you sleep on.
  • When the scent isn’t as strong, simply plump up the pillow and this should refresh it.

And for some additional tips Nick Davies a well-respected psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, sports performance mind coach, trainer and speaker tells us;

  • Once in bed start taking slow, deep diaphragmatic breaths to calm your central nervous system down.

It’s import to breathe diaphragmatically as we do this when danger has gone and it activates the ‘parasympathetic nervous system’ in the brain which is responsible for returning the body to rest, relaxation and recovery. Instead of breathing where you expand your chest and lift your shoulders, push your stomach out to breathe all the way down to the bottom of your lungs, hold the breath then dump the breath in a way where it’s like you’re letting out a loud sigh, continue for 10 breaths. 

  • If your mind is chattering, slow that internal voice down to half the speed and change it to the sound of someone you find really boring.

Our internal “chatter” is one of the biggest causes of unrest and anxiety, slowing this down and making it boring allows you to become disinterested in it and drop off. Remember how easy it was to yawn and drop off at school with that really boring teacher!

Many thanks to all companies mentioned in this post for sending us their products to review in this advertisement feature.