We here at VeggieVision TV have tried some super vegan products over the years however there has been one brand that has always stood out for us…… they have been working hard developing their incredible vegan products – and were ahead of their time too.  And we have to say how DELIGHTED we are to announce that they have now launched their brand SHICKEN.  We are huge fans of these delicious plant based vegan Asian ready meals – it is the best vegan “chicken” curry we have ever tried. An exciting brand new plant based range is being launched and available online now – Advance orders saw the range selling out before it was possible to buy. Plant Alternative is launching its SHICKEN branded range with the following products: – Shicken Tikka Masala – Shicken Butter Curry – Shicken Balti – Shicken Jalfrezi – Shicken Korma So, what’s SHICKEN I hear you ask? It’s a NEW exciting range of hand crafted, authentic plant based vegan Asian ready meals, sides and snacks, making it easier for anyone to try and switch to a plant based vegan diet with meat-free versions of their favourite foods.  At Plant Alternative our mission is simple make going vegan much easier. And all frozen, so handy to keep in the freezer for unsuspecting guests! What makes SHICKEN unique? Our uniqueness lies within our SHICKEN pieces, soya chicken plant based vegan pieces which are the first chicken style pieces that have the closest match in appearance, texture and taste to real chicken, so our customers tell us. We are very proud of the vegan products that our chefs have developed, combining our unique SHICKEN vegan chicken pieces and our hand-made authentic traditional Indian curry recipes. And we didn’t stop there, we take our responsibility very seriously on the impact our products have on our environment and our planet.  It’s for this reason that our goal from the very beginning was to be plastic free in our packaging, using a combination of sugarcane pulp trays and lids which are home compostable and card sleeves that are recyclable. So, what is fuelling this popularity?  ​Consumers around the globe are making informed decisions when it comes to selecting the products they purchase and the impact their decisions have on their health, our planet and animal welfare.​ Our vision at Plant Alternative with our SHICKEN brand is very simple; we want to offer plant based vegan alternatives for everyday favourite meat-based foods. We developed our unique SHICKEN pieces, to allow more and more people to enjoy a plant-based diet without sacrificing taste, texture and most importantly the enjoyment of eating the food they love.​ It’s very positive that more consumers are trying, or switching, to a plant based vegan diet.  BUT what if a product range could make it so much easier for the masses to switch to a plant based vegan diet? Imagine the positive impact this could have on our planet and animal welfare!​ This is where the SHICKEN range comes in, each and every product that we develop is a replica, lookalike of their meat equivalent.  ​ If the masses can have the same experience of eating chicken with our SHICKEN range, then together we can make a real difference. SHICKEN is launching with the following range: – Shicken Tikka Masala 350g – £6.99 – Shicken Butter Curry 350g – £6.99 – Shicken Balti 350g – £6.99 – Shicken Jalfrezi 350g – £6.99 – Shicken Korma 350g – £6.99 Plus for launch their online shop will also contain the following products: – Shicken Indian Snack Selection (vegan samosa and pakora) 250g – £3.99 – Shicken Pilau Rice 200g – £2.99 – Shicken Jeera rice 200g – £2.99 – Shicken Large Naan 160g – £2.99 – Shicken Garlic & Coriander naan 190g – £2.99 And we are delighted that VeggieVision TV viewers will get a lovely 20% discount on all orders over £50 until 31 December…. stock up for Christmas and the New Year! Just quote SHICKVV20 when ordering 🙂 www.plantalternative.com