Eating Plants is a fantastic series of programmes filmed about vegan eating in the UK, USA, Australia, Israel, Germany and China.…. Here we get to chat with the producers Kate Clere and Mick McIntyre, presenters and supporters for Eating Plants UK….

In the UK edition celebrity host Lucy Watson explores why some of the UK’s oldest traditions that have gone plant based. Discovering the vegan artistry behind milk, beer, pizzas and fine French pastry. Visiting a vegan soccer team, a vegan radio show and ending the day in a vegan pub – and here we find out more about the series….


EATING PLANTS is an upbeat TV series that explores plant-based food, the world’s fastest growing culinary trend.
Filmed in an exciting mix of 6 popular vegan countries, EATING PLANTS introduces the entrepreneurs who are creating plant alternatives such as diary-free cheese, animal-free meat, fish-free tuna and how these products are pushing their predecessors off the supermarket shelves.
Packed with ideas from doctors, athletes and chefs leading the movement, who are creating change for cooking, health and for the planet. The first of its kind, this spicy travelogue will bring the tips and benefits of a vegan diet into homes across the globe.
From the multi award winning filmmakers of Kangaroo and Yogawoman, EATING PLANTS a 6 x 30 minute lifestyle TV series exploring the global rise in plant based eating. Would
more people go plant based if they knew how to do it?
This is the first mainstream TV series to offer tips and health benefits of a vegan diet. A colourful travelogue of easy ideas, recipes and cooking skills to inspire viewers around the globe to put plant based food options on their tables. Each EATING PLANTS episode is introduced by a charismatic local host, who show us the unique plant based trends happening in their culture.