We all want to find love. Nothing beats that connection with your perfect partner. And I feel that nothing beats the connection we get from meeting and sharing our lives with like minded vegans – whether that’s as family, friends or a partner.

Maybe that’s a generalisation however setting up www.veggievisiondating.com as so many people asked me how they can find like minded non meat eating people for friendship and love has made me aware that this is a huge deal for a whopping percentage of people who want to share their lives with that someone special.

Imagine seeing your favourite football game – and being the only one in the stand – or seeing that band you love live in concert – and you are the only one in the audience. It just isn’t the same. The atmosphere is non existent and ideally we want someone to share these experiences with too.  As humans we do crave connection and love.

However if you are looking for someone to “complete” you or make you happy then think again!

Finding your soul mate or perfect partner should be enhancing the happiness you already have – so working on yourself, your confidence, your self acceptance is key too.

According to various Google searches there are around 15 million singles in the UK – nearly a ¼ of the population. So if we equate this to the 500,000 vegans there could be at least 125,000 single vegans in the UK. I just wish they would all sign up to my dating site!!

I have had top professional business people, sports stars and even TV celebs asking me to help match make for them. I have even had national media ask me to find them suitable people for features. Dating and finding our partner effects all sorts of people. And I love helping as well! It’s why I set the site up with the best online dating technology around! Setting up VeggieVision Dating and then going on to run vegan speed dating sessions is brilliant. I would love to spend more time on this too. The feedback I get is so positive. People have felt more empowered, felt a confidence boost, and ready to go out there to connect. Well… this is what they tell me.

Some speed daters as well as online singles have met likeminded people as friends, worked with them, gone and dates and even met the one that hopefully they are still with.

I know they are not going to keep me updated constantly however I do tell everyone I am looking to buy a hat!

Sadly I have heard some really shocking stories as more and more people, no matter what age, are turning to online dating sites.

Fellow vegans have told me they have been insulted, ridiculed and stood up – just when they have mentioned being vegan. Some have told me about being sent meat food images and reading things such as “I don’t date vegans.”!

Several people have told me that they feel like giving up – although several told me after the speed dating sessions at VegfestUK this has given them a much needed boost.

I have had several dating specials on my weekly radio show on Phoenix FM as well and the brilliant plant based author Tristan Lee gave some super advice so do feel free to find the listen again link!

The Gorgeousness coach, author and presenter Tristan Lee advises daters who are feeling fed up and despondent with dating;

“Rejection is not personal. You may simply not be what they are looking for right now: it doesn’t mean you aren’t good enough. Believe that you are valuable, unique & loveable just as you are and you will attract what you’re seeking. When we understand we are the cake (vegan of course!) and are looking for the icing; that we don’t need someone to ‘complete’ us but to add the cherry on the top, then it takes the pressure off finding ‘the one’. Often we are searching in the wrong places for what we want. Change where you look, find your tribe (vegan dating sites etc) and you’re much likely to make meaningful connections.

Passionate vegan psychosexual and relationship therapist, trainer and broadcaster Sylvia Milton says;

“When dating it is really important to have some good feeling about yourself maybe self acceptance/belief/worth/love. If you don’t have these or at least one of these things you will be searching for a partner who can ‘fill in those gaps ‘ and a partner cannot give us self love. These are things we need to work on for ourselves maybe through therapy, self help books, podcasts etc. It’s about our own personal growth and development.”

She adds;

“If a vegan is going to date a carnivore there are differing values and it will not work if the couple keep trying to change each other so enter this relationship with extreme caution it there may be trouble ahead.”

So work on yourself. Accept yourself. You are good enough.

Know what you want. Know what you are looking for in your ideal partner. Write this down, add it to your vision board!

Make steps to connect with the right sort of people. Go to events like Vegan Life Live, VegFestUK and talk to everyone! Join social media groups or local vegan groups. Find a vegan dating site that feels good for you to support. Don’t always look for the cheapest of free…. Is that the sort of person you want to be or are looking for?

Take a deep breath and be yourself.

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