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UK Made and Very Green
Belling has brought clever ideas to cooking appliances for nearly a century.

From the legendary Baby Belling, to freestanding cookers, built-in ovens, and integrated appliances, right up to their new line of DB4 and Country Classic range cookers, Belling is positioned as a firm favourite family brand and as a result, is one of the largest brands in the cooking market.
Belling’s new range of products features world-first innovations including the latest revolution in cooking, induction technology. And innovation is just one of the areas where they’re pushing boundaries.

Energy efficiency is a major concern at Belling and they are so committed to championing the cause that many of their products are A-energy rated or higher.
The Belling FSE60i is the first freestanding double oven with induction hotplate and grill in both ovens. It is an electric cooker in stainless steel and A-rated energy efficiency. It has a twin cavity oven, a grill and a 4-zone induction hob.

The impressive Belling FSE60i uses the power and speed of induction technology for cooking, heat is generated directly in the pot or pan, as opposed to being generated in the stovetop by electrical coils or burning gas, consuming less energy.

The main oven has a 59-litre capacity, while the 35-litre secondary oven incorporates a grill for extra cooking flexibility. The multifunctional main oven offers fan-assisted and conventional cooking modes and can be accurately programmed using the LED clock programmer.
The entire Belling range is made inBritain. British manufacture is essential to our economy and has the potential to play a vital role in theUK’s economic recovery.
Great for all of our vegan cooking needs! www.belling.co.uk