BBQ’s Do Not Need to Mean Meat! – Advice and Recipes to Ensure You Cater Correctly for your BBQ Guests
Lisa Drummy the Director of Beanie’s Health Foods gives her top tips for catering for vegetarians and meat reducers at BBQ’s and we have also noted several tasty veggie burger and hot dog suggestions below too.

1/ Ensure that you have separate cooking facilities for non meat eaters. It is easy to do and not that expensive for an additional small BBQ to ensure peace of mind for your guests.

2/ Keep cooking utensils separate – It is not great to turn your veggie burgers with what just prodded the steak.

3/ Read the ingredients of your veggie burgers and sausages. Many non meat eaters may not eat eggs or could have a dairy allergy – ensure that your veggie options are suitable.

4/ Impress your veggie guests. Have a look for something different – veggie kebabs with polony, vegan friendly hot dogs with ketchup, or spiced burgers – just because they don’t want meat doesn’t mean that they want to be left out!

5/ Make sure that you make enough non meat options. We hear stories constantly of veggie guests who arrived late and the meat eaters devoured all of the non meat options!

Fry’s Vegetarian products are ideal for meat free Mondays, meat reducers, vegetarians, vegans, milk allergies, Kosher or for those who simply want lower fat or no cholesterol foods.

Now there is something that tastes amazing and available via one of the largest food service providers 3663 – this means that practically every café, school, hotel etc can order Fry’s!

Also available from health food stores, online and Holland and Barrett.
FRY’S Burgers

Warm through our Spiced or Traditional burgers and try them with the combinations listed below in a traditional sesame burger bun or wholemeal bap:

*Salad, pickle and vegan strong cheddar Sheese
*Finely sliced fresh red onion and gherkins
*Fresh chilli sauce and salad
*Vegan pesto, mozzarella Sheese and fresh tomatoes – serve in a ciabatta roll
*Mango relish and ginger sauce
*Fresh avocado, thinly sliced and grilled FRY’S Polony with vegan mayonnaise
*Defrost the Burgers and cook over the barbecue – serve in a bap with caramelised onions and tomato ketchup.