And now for something rather unusual here on VeggieVision TV. We hear in the news of all of the new vegan ‘junk’ food coming out however what about on the other end of the scale? “Fasting foods” from LighterLife.

Now none of us here have ever tried products like this before – usually as they are are not vegan friendly – however LighterLife kindly sent us their new vegan range and we were curious.

“I have to say I am utterly shocked!  These products taste great and I am enjoying trying them out. They are easy to make – just mix with cold water for the smoothie, hot water for the soups and cold water and warm in a saucepan for the porridge.”

“I thought they may taste strange however they are really pleasant. Some foods bloat me out however these do not at all. I am keen to loose a few lb’s and I have never tried this method before. And you know what I am enjoying it!”

LighterLife Fast, one of the UK’s leading intermittent fasting brands, has announced two new vegan meals to its product range; Vegan Vanilla Smoothie and a Vegan Spicy Sweet Potato Soup.

These new additions have been introduced to expand the existing range of sweet and savoury products for all LighterLife Fast customers, but additionally to cater to a new customer demographic who are increasingly choosing to follow a vegan lifestyle. These two new products will enhance the current range of meals, shakes, smoothies and bars. 

The new products include:

Vegan Vanilla Smoothie: 

·         217 calories

·         High in protein and fibre

·         No added sugar

·         Just add water

Each new meal is high in protein and fibre, vegetarian and vegan and approximately 200 calories per serving with the Spicy Sweet Potato Soup also benefiting from being gluten free. Both products can be easily made using water.

Sold in convenient 8-serving packs, both meals have an RRP of £14.99 and will be available to purchase in all Superdrug stores and online.

Vegan Spicy Sweet Potato Soup: 

·         209 calories

·         High in protein and fibre

·         Just add water

·         Gluten free

Rob Rona, director of new markets, products and services, says; “The demand for vegan products is continuing to rise on an almost daily basis, coupled with the increasingly popular challenge of Veganuary about to kick off for its 7th year, as a brand, we feel it’s important to cater for all lifestyle choices. 

“The launch of these new products not only adds more variety to our existing range, they allow those with varying dietary requirements, to try out the intermittent fasting diet without worrying about calorie counting or nutritional implications.

“LighterLife Fast will continue to innovate in the weight-management sector with our product development team continually looking to evolve our existing product range.”

The LighterLife Fast plan follows the Fast Philosophy. Customers can have up to three “Fast” days per week, eating four LighterLife Fast products which provides them with roughly 800 calories, and all the vitamins and minerals the body needs. On the other four or five “Smart” days, customers follow a healthy, balanced diet, consuming two 300 calorie meals, plus two 100 calorie snacks plus a meal of their choosing.

LighterLife Fast takes the complications out of the intermittent fasting plan, there is no need for calorie counting, weighing out food or worrying about meal prepping, customers get everything they need in four, balanced products.