“The danger posed by bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics should be ranked alongside terrorism on a list of threats to the nation.”

Talk of gut bacteria seems to be on trend at the moment. And the imbalance that can take place if you don’t have enough of the ‘good’ bacteria is being linked to an increasing number of health issues such as autoimmune conditions (eczema, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease), depression and other mental health issues.

As well as these health conditions imbalances to our gut bacteria could also be causing a number of gastrointestinal symptoms such as bloating, constipation, diarrhea, flatulence and nausea or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS).

Inside a typical digestive system billions of active bacteria live and work together to carry out basic physiological processes such as breaking down food. But, it is now increasingly understood they also have a big role to play in our health.

Symprove does not contain any animal products in the formulation and is vegan friendly so we were delighted to give it a try.

The reasons why Symprove works are very simple and are backed by scientific research:

  • The bacteria in a bottle of Symprove are ALIVE and activated before they even enter the human body
  • As a water-based supplement Symprove doesn’t trigger digestion meaning the bacteria can SURVIVE the hostile, acidic environment of our stomach
  • As soon as they arrive in the small intestines the combination of four bacteria strains in Symprove work together to quickly multiply and THRIVE in the gut

We found the taste fairly neutral and not unpleasant. We would definitely take again to see if there are any good ongoing results. Have a look here to find out more information and check out their FB page to connect too.