Unlike other ‘Cleanse’ packages the “12 Days” cleanse is a philosophy and an experience that became a product. 12-days-002
In fact, it was so successful and it had such wonderful transformative effects for Chris James one on one clients that they told all of their friends about it, and it just grew through word of mouth.
“12Days” Cleanse is a holistic wellness program and we were delighted to try it out as it is all vegan friendly. 
The booklet provided guides you through with recipes and when to take each supplement as some work best before breakfast and some are for bedtime.
I loved doing the cleanse and as a vegan I didn’t need to adapt my daily eating habits a great deal.  The recipes look wonderful and I will be trying these out at a later stage as I just jumped in without taking time to prepare.
Over the 12 days I felt great. It may be a shock for people who eat meat and dairy as the cleanse guidelines are to follow a plant based diet for the 12 days however for non meat eaters the cleanse is a super addition to give your body a boost and it’s always a good idea to abstain from vegan junk food for a while too!”

Included in the cleanse are:
Gorgeous Greens” an alkalizing green supplement in sachets.
Brilliant Biotic” a market leading probiotic – real health and beauty comes from the gut.
Magical Multi” everyday multivitamin.
Hello Aloe” an inner leaf Aloe Vera gel that can be ingested and used topically.
Buddhi Bath”a luxurious Himalayan rock salt essential oil infusion.
Chris told us; “You are not so much what you eat – You are what you can absorb and assimilate.” 

Chris James background is in teaching Yoga and Meditation. In the 1990’s he lived and studied with masters in India, and has now established himself as an expert in the world of health and well being. He still teaches privately to high end clients, and delivers workshops and master classes internationally.

Chris has an incredible story – In 2000 he was assaulted and his neck was broken and dislocated at #C2, #C3, #C4. He told us; “I was very lucky to survive. I sustained the same injuries as Christopher Reeve.”
To recover, Chris used the intense Yoga practice that he had established in India. He used Kriya, breathing, meditation, and visualisation techniques to bring the intelligence back into his body. After this experience, he become a teacher in order to inspire and share the gift of health with others.

The company has a strong celebrity following including Melissa Odabash, Millie Millington, Rosie Fortescue, Natasha Kaplinsky, and Sadie Frost amongst others.

Every month part of Chris James Mind Body profits go to supporting a small charity called Starfish Asia. The charity builds schools and hospitals for the impoverished brick kiln communities in Pakistan and India. One of the reasons that we support this charity is that 96% of its profits is returned directly into supporting projects on the ground.

Their product range, including their signature product “12 Days” Cleanse is stocked at Harrods pharmacy, Space NK, Wholefoods and Naturismo product range £15 – £120.