The World’s First Guitar Playing Pig Pig Freud – Launches Vegan Education Bus Campaign
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Bristolians travelling by bus are treated to a hard-hitting bus poster educating the public to go vegan, live vegan, stay vegan and teach vegan as a justice-for-all philosophy that includes non-human animals as well as humans.PigFreud-street4

Fronting this poster campaign right now is cartoon character and the world’s first guitar-playing pig Pig Freud, who has now become a spokesperson for all non-human animals over the planet with his passionate music-playing.

After a satisfactory autumn tour in the UK last year during which he raised over £3,600 in support of regional grassroots volunteer-led vegan projects, Pig Freud is embarking on another new billboard campaign, with billboard posters speaking out for his fellow non-human animals as well as bus posters splattered across various parts of Bristol, so that his human counterparts will begin to think about where their animal food comes from and whether they should be using animals as replaceable resources in their food.

To see Pig Freud’s other posters in his poster campaign, click on the link here.

Pig Freud has recently launched a crowdfunder in support of his new poster campaign in Bristol. Pig Freud has worked extremely hard in bringing these posters into life as well as garnering support for his valuable work for animals. He would absolutely love further backing and the donation link is here.

Pig Freud is also doing charity collections in support for his crowdfunder, as well as performing live, at the upcoming VegfestUK Bristol vegan festival, taking place on May 21st 22nd at the Amphitheatre on the Harbourside.

Pig Freud’s gig is on Sunday May 22nd at 5pm on the Buskers Stage, a performance for which he’s practicing hard to get more people thinking about the personhood and moral status of all animals.

With around 15,000 visitors expected over the whole weekend, it is Pig Freud’s wish that this year’s VegfestUK will further inspire tens of thousands of people to re-think their diet and lifestyle choice in consideration of the preferences of his fellow animals not to be used as property for humans.

To find out more about VegfestUK Bristol, read the event programme at

To buy tickets to VegfestUK Bristol, visit the link here:

Join the Facebook event for Pig Freud’s gig at VegfestUK Bristol.

Visit Pig Freud’s website





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