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MUCH more to follow from our new VeggieVision star from across the pond….

Come cook Yummy, FAB food with LaDiva Dietitian and her BFF, Marty Davey, MS, RD LDN. LaDiva has a blast in the kitchen with easy recipes and gads of cooking tips.

Marty is a real dietitian who gives the nutrition background to what LaDiva is cooking up. A new set of recipes every month including Kids, Camera, Cook a video series where kids are the chefs. You can get the whole family involved in healthy eating!

LaDiva Dietitian is an international cooking/nutrition video star! LaDiva cooks up Yummy, no cholesterol food while keeping her girlish figure. Her motto is: Good Hair = Good Nutrition.

LaDiva also writes The Cupcake and Life Blog covering cupcake taste tests, book writing frustrations and other incredibly important stuff.  Oh, she LUVS her immersion blender.

That’s all, Darling.

Marty Davey is a real Registered Dietitian with a Master degree in Food and Dietetics.  She has been a weight loss researcher for MarywoodUniversity and the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine as well as being certified in Childhood Obesity.  Her nutrition articles have been seen in VegNews, VegFamily.com and currently Vegan Culinary Experience. Her DVDs include Why do I have Stubborn Belly Fat when I do a Million Crunches a Day?

Her hilarious nutrition/cooking demonstrations were part of the demonstrations rated #1 by Spa Magazine in 2009.  She teaches nutrition for Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan’s Vegan LifeCoach program in New York City .  Marty has worked with all types of private nutrition clients as long as they have access to a computer. Marty Davey and LaDiva can be contacted via: http://www.LaDivaDietitian.com

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