Veganuary-Let us tell you all about it!
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Veganuary explained

So who is behind Veganuary??

Well the concept was dreamt up by two vegans in the UK – Jane and Matthew. They’re actually girlfriend and boyfriend and share a passion for helping animals.

Matthew was a vegetarian for over 10 years before he watched ‘the video the meat industry doesn’t want you to see’ . It changed his life. He began to research the dairy and egg industries and was horrified to find out the realities of factory farming.

He became a vegan and never looked back.

Jane was also a vegetarian for around 10 years, until she met Matthew. Now Jane wonders why it took her so long to become a vegan too!

Jane and Matthew want the whole world to know how brilliant being vegan is, so they decided to invest in building this website. The whole thing became possible with the help of a design agency and some other super vegans who offered them tons of great advice.

We love Veganuary and we are rather excited to be part of the Veganuary team!

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