Vegan Ice cream Parlour Nice Vice Opens in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


Super to hear about a new all vegan icecream parlour that just opened in Vancouver – thanks to our VeggieVision TV writer Teresa Bergen for checking it out…. and of course she just had to try 14 different flavours while she was there!! 

Nice Vice of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada 

Chris White owns Nice Vice, Canada’s first vegan ice cream shop. Customers can try 50 flavours of non-dairy “vice cream.”

A graduate of Ice Cream University in New York, White’s unusual flavors include watermelon hibiscus, raspberry navy bean fudge and matcha avocado. His base? Sweet potato milk. He adds superfoods like pea powder protein, lucuma, hemp and oats. 


During my visit to Nice Vice, I spent more than an hour chatting with Chris. He’s fun, personable and full of stories. And I hate to admit it, but I tried a sample of all 14 ice creams they had available that day, from the delicious Chocoholics Anonymous to the strange gray Earl Grey Bergamot with activated charcoal.  Chris told me that the fruit flavors are most popular in summer. However I’m a devoted chocolate/coffee ice cream kind of gal year round. 

Chris said the response to Nice Vice has been great, drawing vegans and adventurous omnivores. The place is packed on weekend nights. If you find yourself in Vancouver, don’t miss Nice Vice!

Yet another reason to visit Canada! Thanks Teresa! xx


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