Vegan Friendly Hair and Skin Masques from 7th Heaven

Global beauty brand 7th Heaven celebrates 30 years of pampering the nation with its kaleidoscopic range of 100% natural high performing treats which don’t bother a single bunny. Selling 35 million sachets a year in 87 countries, the multi-award-winning brand has come a long way from its humble beginnings in the kitchen of young entrepreneur, Gregory Butcher, who was passionate about animal welfare and frustrated that most beauty brands tested on them.

I remember seeing these products while on holiday over 25 years ago before, I believe, they came to the UK and I was so impressed then to read that they were vegetarian. I bought quite a few and brought them home in my suitcase and now as a vegan I am delighted that many in the range are vegan friendly and are clearly labeled on the website too.  

They have earned their environmental stripes, from their Eco Factory headquarters, complete with solar panels and carbon footprint-reducing wind turbine, “Windy” and their energy-efficient Green Barn HQ, to their Green Guardians team, who encourage biodiversity in their beautiful grounds, even planting kidney vetch to nurture the rare, Small Blue butterflies there.

Our reviewers tried the following and all felt fresh with moisturised relaxed skin and shiner hair. The Men’s Deep Pore Cleansing Peel-Off, Coconut Protein Rescue Masque, Pulped Papaya Rescue Masque, Argan Oil Mud and Super Fruit Mud are all vegan friendly.

MENS PEEL OFF MASK – A Peel Off mask for men that digs dirt and other impurities out of pores with deeply cleansing sea salt and the zing of natural spearmint for a smoother, cleaner complexion.

COCONUT HAIR MASK – The most nourishing Coconut hair mask you’ll ever experience! Creamy Coconut dew & nourishing protein rich Quinoa (pronounced Keenwa’) grains are gently blended together to make this refreshing tropical mask. Quenching coconut oils feed thirsty hair, strengthening and volumising from the roots for complete hair happiness.

PEEL OFF MASKS – Our 7th Heaven Peel Off masks instantly purify and refine skin. In fact peel off masks are gentler and more effective in removing dead skin cells than scrubs, whilst leaving skin incredibly purified and smooth. Discover all the natural goodness in our Peel Off mask collection to nourish and pamper skin to perfection.

Pick 7th Heaven products up from; Boots, Wilkinson, Boohoo, Amazon and Argus.


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