The Vegan Biker – Veganuary Reaches Guatemala

Emma Fry is our super presenter in Guatemala and Spain! Living the dream riding around on her motorbike her she shows us that amazing campaign Veganuary has reached Guatemala!

We travelled 150kms from Antigua to the most beautiful chia plantation, not far from the pacific coast. Many thanks to our host, Alfredo and may there be many more chocolate chia puddings!!

Tell us something super about Veganbnb Travel?

Who wouldn’t want to go on a vegan friendly holiday! I have worked hard to create a neutral environment in which those who follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle can travel with the peace of mind that there needs are catered for and those who don’t necessarily follow a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle are welcome.

I am also acutely aware that the tourism industry can do marvellous things; help local economies, provide employment, inspire and motivate, Veganbnb Travel places emphasis and combines all of these elements whilst providing tip top service at reasonable rates!

Emma Fry

Reservation Manager 





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