Troffle has Nine Chocolates in its Vegan Range

With perhaps the prettiest chocolates we have ever seen… the lovely people at Troffle have a delicious vegan range that the VV TV team were rather happy about trying out. 

“We grow as much as we can from the pots in the garden at home in Wiltshire and whatever we can’t grow at home, we source responsibly from long-standing suppliers, meaning we have complete traceability,” said Founder, Chris Bloor.

You may remember that VeggieVision TV supported and shared their kick-starter campaign and we are delighted that they reached their goal so they can expand.

Troffle has 9 chocolates in its vegan range. All of them have dairy-free fondant fillings and the chocolate is free from any animal fats (the chocolate is made from cocoa butter and cocoa mass).

The flavours are:

  • Lime & Basil – sharp, sweet (like a Mojito!) with zingy lime and herbal basil
  • Preserved Lemon – subtle, tangy lemon offset with a touch of salt
  • Orange Blossom – made from the petals from the tree in Troffle’s Wiltshire garden
  • Rosewater – made from rose petals from the Troffle garden
  • Cucumber & Juniper – tastes just like the real thing! Powerful botanical juniper berries and delicate cucumber

Troffle uses single-origin chocolate, sourced from Tanzania, in all its recipes, paired with a variety of flavours, all sourced from the raw ingredients that are either grown at home or sourced from long-standing suppliers.

Troffle is committed to surprising and delighting people with flavour, using fresh, responsibly sourced ingredients. The small business, based near Salisbury in Wiltshire, produces a range of handmade chocolates – including vegan and gluten-free flavours – which are gift-wrapped and delivered straight through the letterbox.





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