The Skinny Caffe Weight-Loss Boosting Hot Drinks


Something different for us here at VV TV….. trying the new range of drinks from The Skinny Caffe

Although not big coffee drinkers here at VV TV we liked the Skinny Coffee and found it quite subtle. You can have it black and we also tried it with with some soya milk and it tasted great. We really liked the Skinny Hot Chocolate as well… with a splash of coconut milk and the Skinny Tea was delicious. We are looking forward to continuing in the New Year.

The Skinny Caffe has a range of of healthy, weight-loss boosting hot drinks. The products contain a blend of natural actives and superfood ingredients proven to help boost the metabolism, boost energy, burn fat, curb food cravings and reduce bloating.

Packed with natural actives such as Garcinia cambogia, L carnitine and Raspberry ketones powder and superfood ingredients such as goji berry, acai, coconut milk, green tea, juniper berry, cinnamon and Grape seed, The Skinny Caffe Amaretto Coffee can help people to achieve sustainable weight loss when combined with regular exercise and sensible food choices.

This is natural, vegan, dairy and gluten free and each cup contains just 9 calories.   

 Benefits of The Skinny Caffe blends:

  • Will help with weight loss alongside a regular exercise regime and healthy diet.
  • Increase metabolism
  • Decrease food cravings
  • Boost energy levels leaving you feeling more rejuvenated
  • Reduces bloat and users have noted they’ve had a more radiant, glowing complexion.
  • Increase of stamina and fitness levels.
  • Ingredients have an anti-ageing effect

Sounds good to us! Off for a Skinny Tea now! 


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