Resistance is Inevitable – Blog By Viva! Founder Juliet Gellatley
  • Resistance is Inevitable – Blog By Viva! Founder Juliet Gellatley

      Resistance is coming and we are running out of time. We’ve seen the future and this is it: Swine, our latest film, is a terrifying exposé of the global health crisis posed by an unregulated factory farming industry’s misuse and abuse of antibiotics. We’ve already attracted some[...]

  • SWINE Must Watch Film from Viva!

      A must watch film - brilliantly filmed, and deserved to be shared worldwide.... "Antibiotic resistance is one of the biggest threats to global health, food security, and development today. It is the most urgent of the drug-resistant trends." World Health Organisation (WHO), October[...]

  • Viva! and Veganuary

    Juliet Gellatley from Viva! talks about Veganuary Eat delicious, healthy food, save lives and help the environment. Join the thousands of people going vegan for the month of January. Juliet Gellatley Founder of animal campaigning organisation Viva! says; “Veganuary is one of the best choi[...]

  • VeggieVision TV is now approved by Viva!

    VeggieVision TV is now approved by Viva! Karin Ridgers ‘grew up’ with Viva! veggie wise after reading an article by Juliette Gellatley a fair few years ago! Karin become a member straight away, supported by helping to run Viva! stalls and attending Viva! events. Juliet and the team came to[...]

  • Viva! Celebrates Their Campaigning

    Uncategorised Eating meat; fish and dairy causes environmental destruction, damages human health, contributes to global hunger and inflicts immense suffering on billions of animals across the world. Viva! believes that the solution to all these problems is in our own hands: the best way to stop [...]

  • Dishing the Dirt – From Viva! Warning Contains the Truth

    Find out more at Meat is the unhealthy product of an unhealthy system. Most farmed animals are diseased, drugged and infected by the time they reach slaughter and then they are turned into food for us. The consequences are hardly surprising. Epidemics such as BS[...]