How to freeze okra
  • How to freeze okra     Freezing Okra preserves the Okra if you are not going to eat it right away. Freezing Okra that is not going to be eaten right away is fast and easy. First, snip the tips, not too much, do not expose the seeds. Next, [...]

  • Vegetarianism: The Story So Far (Kickstarter video)

    Please support our friend passionate vegan Ian McDonald today so this project can succeed..... From Pythagoras to the present, I want to trace the backstory to today's animal movement. Back the project here! If you have chosen to live your life in mercy and compassion to other animals, then[...]

  • Talk To The Animals – Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid

    Please support this amazing year long project by passionate fellow veggie Debbie Curtis.... Over 30 STARS & CELEBS from Music, Stage & Screen. have created 'Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid'. The 2 track charity single is available at iTunes NOW! as a pre-order, in aid of the VIVA! (An internat[...]

  • The Reluctant Vampire


    VeggieVision supporter Georgina Coveney shares her moving story of The Reluctant Vampire - for her University project.[...]