Opt To Adopt – Stunning New Single from VeggieVision TV Friends K 9 Angels
  • Meeting With the Bank of England Make Notes Vegan

      When you go to a shop or café and they hand you a new £5 note as change – how do you feel?  Well firstly lets go back a stage….. did you know that these new £5 notes contain animal fat? “Tallow” is an inoffensive sounding fluffy word however despite its sweet sounding[...]

  • Raising a child to eat meat is more extreme than veganism

      My son is now 10 years old and a lifelong vegan. He is thriving on a vegan diet. I have seen young mums pushing prams with broken up pieces of a McDonald's burger as food for their baby - with the babies bottle filled with cola. I appreciate everyone is doing the best they can with the[...]

  • Victoria Eisermann – My Brilliant Moment

      We just love this super clip of Victoria Eisermann - K 9 Angel Founder, VeggieVision presenter, passionate vegan and friend to the animals. As well as being hands on with her dog rescue charity the K 9 Angels, Victoria is a vegan/ethical writer,former model and mum to 5 dogs! See mo[...]

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    Polony Pizzettes & “Turk-ish” Satay Party Sticks

    And if you thought it couldn't get any more delicious... along comes Fry's Vegetarian fabby Polony Pizzettes and "Turk-ish" Satay Party Sticks... I have had the tough job of tasting these..... and they are just great... Ideal for Christmas and New Year... well for us idea at anytime.... Enjo[...]

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    Fry’s Vegetarian Meat Free Menu – Ideal for Christmas

    Fry’s Vegetarian Meat Free Christmas  Menu  Its a hard job but someone has to do it. Yes when my super fab friend Tony Bishop Weston was asked to invent some rather yummy Christmas goodies for the equally as amazing Fry's Vegetarian team I had the tough job of scoffing all of the deligh[...]