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  • Men’s Vegan Grooming Products

    We cover a lot of female beauty and hygiene products on VeggieVisionTV, and so we thought it was time to include some for the men! There are a lot of vegan male grooming products out there, thus there's a lot for us to cover! We think that all these products make fantastic gifts, so they're defi[...]

  • MONAT Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive Review

    This has got to be one of the most luxurious hair products we have covered on VeggieVisionTV! This feature has been a long time coming as we wanted to try out the oil over a long period of time. They state on their website: “MONAT starts with changing your hair and eventually changes your life.[...]

  • Violife Vegan Desserts

    Veganism is a top trend in the UK at the moment, with around 7% of the population turning to plant-based diets. The surge in popularity has been reflected in one of the nations most popular TV shows: Great British Bake Off, which will be including a new ‘vegan week ‘ in their acclaimed programme[...]

  • Vegan Bath/Shower Products

      Is there a more perfect time to discuss soothing shower/bath products than the run up to Autumn? The weather is cooling down, and it's getting darker earlier, therefore there is more time to soak in a warm bath tub and enjoy beautiful products like these. Please do enjoy this round up [...]

  • Nourish London Review

    Nourish London describe themselves as being curious, with a love of science, and exploring new things –  certainly factors that you’d want in a beauty brand. Their skincare products are far from merely pretty packaging, they are truly exceptional at nourishing, and do[...]