VV TV Nominated for Best Online Resource!
  • VV TV Nominated for Best Online Resource!

      Vote for VeggieVision TV as Best Online Resource!  So what’s VV TV all about….? Karin started VeggieVision TV when watching video clips online was unheard of… waiting for technology to catch up and not wanting to rely on You Tube VeggieVision TV is run for love to spread a[...]

  • Interview With Farm to Fable Author Robert Grillo

    On any given day, we are flooded with a deluge of fictions from the multi-billion-dollar food marketing and media empire designed to manipulate our purchasing decisions. They follow us wherever we go — in the grocery store, on the internet, in the restaurant, on the TV, and on the street signage.&[...]

  • Hooba The New Vegan Meat Made from Mushrooms

      Always up for trying out new vegan friendly foods we were delighted to give the range from Hooba a go! We LOVED the sausage rolls - these were the teams favourites. There are more in the mushroomy meatfree range and the "on trend" "pulled" Hooba is coming soon too.  Hooba is the br[...]

  • Troffle has Nine Chocolates in its Vegan Range

    With perhaps the prettiest chocolates we have ever seen... the lovely people at Troffle have a delicious vegan range that the VV TV team were rather happy about trying out.  “We grow as much as we can from the pots in the garden at home in Wiltshire and whatever we can’t grow at [...]