ANIMUS: an exhibition featuring Vegan Artists
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    ANIMUS: an exhibition featuring Vegan Artists

      I was delighted to go the the media launch and private showing of ANIMUS running until 9 September 2016 as as well as being fascinated by vegan art I have wanted to go to Karamel for ages. I now know I have to go back asap too!  The art work is proactive and meaningful and well worth [...]


    Vegan 3D Sweets The Revolution is Coming

      Here at VeggieVision TV can't wait for the day when gelatine and other scary, horrible ingredients are banned from food products - and especially from sweets which we all know kids love.  So we were really delighted to hear the news that vegan sweet experts Katjes are launching the W[...]

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    Alice Hart’s Sticky Alliums Recipes from Gousto

      Although not a vegan company I was really intrigued when Gousto asked me to try out their vegan recipe box. They send over the exact ingredients that you need to create some super dishes - and for me these wouldn't have been recipes that I would have usually picked - and I am so glad that [...]

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    Raw Blackberry Cheesecake Vegan and Gluten Free

      This is one of Juliette's favourite recipes and it's so simple. What's great is that you can also make it so different by switching the fruit around. At the moment her favourite is using blackberries. It's dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free too!  Crust; 1 cup dates, so[...]

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    The Tomato Stall A Taste Like Childhood Tomatoes

      What tastes better than fresh tomatoes? Perhaps freshly grown tomatoes on everyone's favourite island - The Isle of Wight! The island’s unique microclimate helps The Tomato Stall to grow some of the best tasting tomatoes in the UK, in fact they are the only grower to achieve Great Tas[...]