Raw Vegan and Gluten Free Christmas Cake Recipe
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    Raw Vegan and Gluten Free Christmas Cake Recipe

      We LOVE Juliette Bryant from Juliette's Kitchen and delighted that she is a great friend of VeggieVision TV!  "There is nothing like cake at Christmas time, and for people that have dairy and gluten intolerance's or seek a healthier option – I’ve come up with a solution. &[...]

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    So What and Why VeggieVisionDating.com?

      VeggieVisionDating.com was set up after many people asked VV TV director Karin Ridgers how they could meet likeminded vegans and vegetarians.  Vegan promoter and presenter Karin teamed up with the world leaders in online dating as she only wanted the best for fellow vegans and vege[...]

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    New Pulled Oats Looks and Tastes Just Like Meat

      Gold and Green raised 300,000 Euros last year and aim to have their “pulled oats” in Finland and Sweden by the end of the year. Their products "look and taste just like meat". Could this be another solution to feeding the world and saving animals? www.goldandgreenfoods.com htt[...]

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    Vibrapower Cordless Belt

      Here are VeggieVision TV we love to try out fitness products that can help us be the best vegans we can be! So when Ideal World dropped us a line we couldn't wait to try their new gadget..... Ideal World has launched an exclusive product that is easy, effective and an affordable way to [...]