Vegan & Cruelty-Free Hair Products
  • Vegan & Cruelty-Free Hair Products

      Noughty - To The Rescue Range If you have dry, damaged, or frizzy hair, please listen up! We cannot stress enough how incredible Noughty products are. They are so affordable, easy to get a hold of, have lovely packaging, and they truly work. It makes our day when we discove[...]

  • Vegan Food & Drink Round Up!

    The time has come for another vegan food and drink roundup! There have been so many new vegan goodies being released, and hitting supermarket shelves, so it doesn't look like these roundups are going to slow down anytime soon. Hope you enjoy!   The Goodness Project - Subscription Box [...]

  • Vegan Food & Drink Round Up!

      Encona - Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce & Original Hot Pepper Sauce Encona are the UK's number one pepper sauce brand, so we were pretty excited to be trying it out! The original hot pepper sauce goes with absolutely everything, pasta dishes, rice dishes, and you can even use it a[...]

  • Violife Vegan Desserts

    Veganism is a top trend in the UK at the moment, with around 7% of the population turning to plant-based diets. The surge in popularity has been reflected in one of the nations most popular TV shows: Great British Bake Off, which will be including a new ‘vegan week ‘ in their acclaimed programme[...]

  • Nourish London Review

    Nourish London describe themselves as being curious, with a love of science, and exploring new things –  certainly factors that you’d want in a beauty brand. Their skincare products are far from merely pretty packaging, they are truly exceptional at nourishing, and do[...]

  • RareBeauty Review | Part 2 | Body Products

    Rare Beauty is a woman-led, exclusively natural skincare store. Not only is it incredibly admirable that it’s a company run by wonderful women, but it’s also fascinating how they have built up such a wonderful online store full of nourishing, natural products. Finding natural, crue[...]