Happy Meat Free Easter with Keith Squires
  • Happy Meat Free Easter with Keith Squires

    Super vegan Avuverdic author and chef Keith Squires shares how to be meat free this Easter....  Easter is such a great family weekend and fantastic fun for the kids with lots of chocolate! The first holiday of the year even if we are subject to changeable weather and Bank Holiday traffic. [...]

  • Huge Haul of Vegan Food Products!

    We absolutely love reviewing food products here at VeggieVisionTV, it’s so lovely to see how many new vegan-friendly brands are popping up all over the place – and we are so appreciative when they get in contact with us! So here’s a review of some of the fabulous food products that we have[...]

  • Chocolate Chia Vegan Pancakes

      These Chocolate Chia Pancakes are gluten free, vegan friendly, and contain milled chia seeds, which is one of the highest natural sources of Omega 3 and dietary fibre, a beneficial addition to your diet.  Ingredients: For the Pancakes 60g oats gluten free if ne[...]

  • NEW 100% Animal Cruelty-Free Designer Bag Range

    OK we know that (like shoes) a fair amount of us lust after iconic designer handbags – with top designer purchases considered an investment in any wardrobe collection. However more and more people are looking for ethically made products rather than leather, of course including the increasing n[...]

  • The Skinny Caffe Weight-Loss Boosting Hot Drinks

      Something different for us here at VV TV..... trying the new range of drinks from The Skinny Caffe!  Although not big coffee drinkers here at VV TV we liked the Skinny Coffee and found it quite subtle. You can have it black and we also tried it with with some soya milk and it [...]

  • Sönd is a New Anti-Ageing Skincare Range

      We loved trying this new vegan friendly skincare range. The products are light and are absorbed easily without leaving our skin greasy.  We met the company at an event as well recently and they are lovely people too – and treated us to one of their Hydrate and Refresh sprays… a[...]

  • 98% of Probiotics Do Not Work…… We Try Symprove

      "The danger posed by bacteria becoming resistant to antibiotics should be ranked alongside terrorism on a list of threats to the nation." Talk of gut bacteria seems to be on trend at the moment. And the imbalance that can take place if you don’t have enough of the ‘good’ bacteria is[...]