Round Up of Vegan Friendly Drinks….
  • Round Up of Vegan Friendly Drinks….

    We love trying out new vegan friendly drinks here at VV TV... and there are some lovely, healthy drinks coming out at the moment too... all without scary ingredients.... we do prefer glass bottles where ever possible too and hope that this is that all drinks companies can move towards....  S[...]

  • Vegan Friendly Mocktails

      We are loving these delicious vegan friendly mocktails from Cracker Drinks - ideal what ever the weather and occasion. We also love that these guys are registered with The Vegan Society! The Nojito went down really well, we also tried with organic lemonade and sparkling water.   No[...]

  • Meeting With the Bank of England Make Notes Vegan

      When you go to a shop or café and they hand you a new £5 note as change – how do you feel?  Well firstly lets go back a stage….. did you know that these new £5 notes contain animal fat? “Tallow” is an inoffensive sounding fluffy word however despite its sweet sounding[...]

  • New Vegan Drinks Round Up!

      Even though our favourite drink is a freshly squeezed lemon in warm lemon we love trying out new vegan friendly drinks here at VV TV and especially when they contain no scary ingredients. Here is a round up of this weeks favourites!  Made in Devon using traditional met[...]

  • In Praise of Fishes By Jonathan Balcombe

      We are thrilled here at VeggieVision TV to share the work of the brilliant Jonathan Balcombe. Jonathan and I first chatted nearly 6 years ago and and his incredible work as a passionate vegan, a scientist, ethologist author and speaker has led to an inescapable conclusion: f[...]

  • A Conversation with Quebec Vegan Activist Elise Desaulniers We are thrilled to hear about passionate Canadian vegan advocate and festival organiser from VV TV blogger Teresa Bergen. Here in the UK there are different ways to approach veganism however the end result is quite the same - 100%[...]