Men’s Vegan Grooming Products
  • Men’s Vegan Grooming Products

    We cover a lot of female beauty and hygiene products on VeggieVisionTV, and so we thought it was time to include some for the men! There are a lot of vegan male grooming products out there, thus there's a lot for us to cover! We think that all these products make fantastic gifts, so they're defi[...]

  • Vegan Beauty Products

    We cover so many amazing beauty/hygiene products in this blog post, from body wash, to mascara! So make sure to read until the end, because you might just find your next favourite purchase... Live in The Light - Shampoo Bar, Hand Cream, Mascara, Body Wash Live in The Light is a company all[...]

  • NEEK Lipstick | Vegan & Cruelty-free

    We must introduce you to our current favourite lipsticks; they're by the skincare and lipstick brand NEEK. We have become such huge fans of their lipsticks recently. We adore the packaging, the shade range, the formula... just everything!   Each lipstick is made from 100% natural ingredients[...]

  • Vegan Makeup for Summer

      If you’re on the lookout for natural, vegan, cruelty-free makeup, we're here to help! We have been having so much fun testing out lots of lovely makeup products, and have found a great bunch that is perfectly suited for this summer. Benecos – Natural Mascara Adorable Lashes [...]

  • Beauty Products for Summer

      Summer is in full swing, and we’re loving it here at VeggieVisionTV. We can't think of many negatives when it comes to this beautiful summer weather, but finding appropriate beauty products probably does come under that list… Fortunately, we have a fabulous little roundup of vegan [...]

  • featuredpho

    4 Health & Beauty Product Ranges

      We are SO delighted to be sharing these new products with you today here at VeggieVisionTV; so sit back and relax, because we’ve got a few to review!   Ben & Anna – Natural Soda Deodorant – Persian Lime New brand Ben & Anna have launched a range of certified[...]

  • Vegan Beauty Round Up

    There are so many vegan friendly beauty and skincare products around now that you do not need to compromise your values and can still sparkle and shine and look wonderful - all cruelty free! We have a super round up of stunning vegan friendly products for you here.... Ekia Gel Lift Paupieres -[...]