The Secrets of Food Marketing
  • The Secrets of Food Marketing

    This is a MUST watch video with thanks to CIWF..... Please watch and share now. How they make you buy what they want you to buy..... Think you aren't being fooled by advertising tricks? Take a look at this so-called expert revealing food marketing's secret weapon. No amount of marketing [...]

  • How to Create the Ultimate Veggie Burger

    A group of engineering students at Lund University in Sweden noticed there was a rather lacklustre range of veggie burgers available in supermarkets, despite a growing demand for green products. And sure enough - too many additives, no flavour, and no texture, were common complaints they came across[...]

  • Vegetarianism: The Story So Far (Kickstarter video)

    Please support our friend passionate vegan Ian McDonald today so this project can succeed..... From Pythagoras to the present, I want to trace the backstory to today's animal movement. Back the project here! If you have chosen to live your life in mercy and compassion to other animals, then[...]

  • The Vegan Biker – In Guatemala

    So Emma where are you from originally? I'm from the beautiful county of Dorset in south west England! It is a lovely part of the UK and on recent trip back before Christmas I was extremely happy to come across a wonderful vegetarian restaurant with great vegan options in the pretty seaside town[...]

  • Talk To The Animals – Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid

    Please support this amazing year long project by passionate fellow veggie Debbie Curtis.... Over 30 STARS & CELEBS from Music, Stage & Screen. have created 'Debbie Curtis Big Band Aid'. The 2 track charity single is available at iTunes NOW! as a pre-order, in aid of the VIVA! (An internat[...]