Vegan Bath/Shower Products
  • Vegan Bath/Shower Products

      Is there a more perfect time to discuss soothing shower/bath products than the run up to Autumn? The weather is cooling down, and it's getting darker earlier, therefore there is more time to soak in a warm bath tub and enjoy beautiful products like these. Please do enjoy this round up [...]

  • RareBeauty Review | Part 2 | Body Products

    Rare Beauty is a woman-led, exclusively natural skincare store. Not only is it incredibly admirable that it’s a company run by wonderful women, but it’s also fascinating how they have built up such a wonderful online store full of nourishing, natural products. Finding natural, crue[...]

  • Vegan Beauty Products

    We cover so many amazing beauty/hygiene products in this blog post, from body wash, to mascara! So make sure to read until the end, because you might just find your next favourite purchase... Live in The Light - Shampoo Bar, Hand Cream, Mascara, Body Wash Live in The Light is a company all[...]

  • Vegan Food Haul

    We love sharing vegan food with the world, and so we're ecstatic that we were able to review this wonderful bunch of products. If you like vegan snacks, nutritious breakfasts, and flavoursome condiments, keep on reading...   MOMA - Museli & Porridge sachets We could not be more[...]

  • Marinated Veggies

    "A healthy way to grill veggies! Makes a great sandwich too!" Ingredients 1/2 cup courgette, thickly sliced 1/2 cup red pepper, sliced 1/2 cup sliced yellow peppers 1/2 cup yellow squash, sliced 1/2 cup sliced red onion 16 large fresh button mushrooms 16 cherry tomatoes [...]

  • 20 Healthy Eating Tips For Vegans

    20 Healthy Eating Tips For Vegans 1. Eat a balanced plant based diet by including carbohydrates, plant proteins, and healthy fats everyday. 2. Like us you can just jump in or start a new vegan lifestyle by making small changes - Begin with Meatless Mondays, and build up from there. Most of yo[...]

  • Bulgur Chickpea Salad

    Prep Time: approx. 20 Minutes " This tabbouleh salad variation is a meal in itself. " Ingredients 1 cup bulgur 2 cups boiling water 1/2 cup vegetable oil 1/2 cup fresh lemon juice salt to taste ground black pepper to taste 1 cup chopped green onions 1 can chickpeas, dra[...]

  • Vegan Beverages | Wine, Chai Latte, & More |

      Another day, another blog post reviewing some fabulous vegan products! This time we’ve got a lovely, diverse bunch of beverages, so grab a drink, because this one is going to make you thirsty!   Real Kombucha Kombucha is the drink to watch out for; it’s on the ris[...]