Happy Meat Free Easter with Keith Squires
  • Happy Meat Free Easter with Keith Squires

    Super vegan Avuverdic author and chef Keith Squires shares how to be meat free this Easter....  Easter is such a great family weekend and fantastic fun for the kids with lots of chocolate! The first holiday of the year even if we are subject to changeable weather and Bank Holiday traffic. [...]

  • We Try Goodfellas NEW VEGAN Falafel Stonebaked Pizza

      There’s good news for vegans across the country, as frozen pizza brand Goodfella’s is launching the first ever mainstream vegan frozen pizza – and it’s delicious.  Well just a few years ago we were taking our own vegan cheese to pizza restaurants - and now most offer dairy [...]

  • Lucky Fish Tackling Anaemia Head On

      We fell in love with Lucky Iron Fish as soon as we saw them and were intrigued to find out more. For every Lucky Iron Fish you purchase, the company donate one to a family in need. One Lucky Iron Fish provides a significant portion of a family’s daily required iron intake, and is[...]

  • BOL Foods Goes Dairy Free!

      We were delighted that BOL foods told us their super news - they are going vegan! BOL Foods has announced that it will be removing dairy from all of its products this June (following its drop of meat and fish in 2017), becoming 100% plant-based and the first FMCG brand in the UK to do s[...]

  • Chocolate Chia Vegan Pancakes

      These Chocolate Chia Pancakes are gluten free, vegan friendly, and contain milled chia seeds, which is one of the highest natural sources of Omega 3 and dietary fibre, a beneficial addition to your diet.  Ingredients: For the Pancakes 60g oats gluten free if ne[...]

  • NEW 100% Animal Cruelty-Free Designer Bag Range

    OK we know that (like shoes) a fair amount of us lust after iconic designer handbags – with top designer purchases considered an investment in any wardrobe collection. However more and more people are looking for ethically made products rather than leather, of course including the increasing n[...]