Fry’s Vegetarian Latest Research
  • Fry’s Vegetarian Latest Research

      Our friends at Fry's Vegetarian have found some interesting things out with their latest research....  78% of us still don’t drink green smoothies Over 42% of us don’t know our spiralizers from our spirulina 32% can only identify chicken as a protein source MYTH 1: [...]

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    Polony Pizzettes & “Turk-ish” Satay Party Sticks

    And if you thought it couldn't get any more delicious... along comes Fry's Vegetarian fabby Polony Pizzettes and "Turk-ish" Satay Party Sticks... I have had the tough job of tasting these..... and they are just great... Ideal for Christmas and New Year... well for us idea at anytime.... Enjo[...]

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    Yummy Scrummy Christmas Foods…

    I know I teased you a while back with these rather scrummy recipes from Tony Bishop-Weston and Fry's Vegetarian.... so you just have enough time now to pop over to your local health food store grab the ingredients and enjoy on Crimbo day..... And for your non veggie guests .. don't tell[...]

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    “Turk-ish” Christmas Strudel with Herby Beanie Balls – YUM!

    A most super recipe from our friends Tony Bishop Weston and Fry's Vegetarian - Please share  and lets get the message out there - no need to have a horrible dead bird - enjoy Christmas with life - vegan and veggie style!! This main dish recipe tastes super! For more Xmas tips have a lo[...]

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    Fry’s Vegetarian Meat Free Menu – Ideal for Christmas

    Fry’s Vegetarian Meat Free Christmas  Menu  Its a hard job but someone has to do it. Yes when my super fab friend Tony Bishop Weston was asked to invent some rather yummy Christmas goodies for the equally as amazing Fry's Vegetarian team I had the tough job of scoffing all of the deligh[...]