Vegan Summer Drinks | Smoothies & More |
  • Vegan Summer Drinks | Smoothies & More |

      We have been trying out some amazing vegan products here at VeggieVisionTV, and they’ve definitely been helping us through this heat wave! Today we're sharing with you a small bunch of fantastic, healthy, vegan drinks.  Batch Organics A straight-up, fuss-free 'nothing [...]

  • Round Up of Vegan Friendly Drinks….

    We love trying out new vegan friendly drinks here at VV TV... and there are some lovely, healthy drinks coming out at the moment too... all without scary ingredients.... we do prefer glass bottles where ever possible too and hope that this is that all drinks companies can move towards....  S[...]

  • Biteappy Avocado & Banana Smoothie Juice along with Biteappy, make this wonderful energy fuelled breakfast smoothie high in protein! You can also use Almond or Hazelnut milk if you wish to keep it vegan/dairy free, it is also paleo, gluten free and soya healthy and tastes great  [...]

  • Green Juice without a Juicer

    Serves 1  You don’t need an expensive juicer to reap the benefits of fresh green juice. Provided you have a blender and a nut milk bag (or even a good piece of cheesecloth), you can make your own green juice concoctions. Here’s a favourite of mine to get you started. Prep: 7 mins 60 g[...]

  • Sri Lankan Lemonade Flavoured with Ginger & Lemon Grass

    We just love this stunning new book from Madhur Jaffrey.  Madhur Jaffrey is the queen of curries and the world authority on Indian Food, having published over 15 cookbooks on the subject over the last 40 years. Following on from her bestselling cookbook, Curry Easy, Madhur is back with a beauti[...]

  • How to Make Apple Juice With Karin Ridgers How To Make Apple Juice In this step by step guide Karin Ridgers from Veggie Vision takes you through this amazingly easy guide to making delicious apple juice! You can mix it with other fruit or serve on its own You will need: apples[...]

  • Juliette’s Kitchen- Water Kefir

    Welcome to Juliette's Kitchen on VeggieVision TV. In this episode Juliette Bryant talks about the benefits of water kefir and how to make this amazing probiotic in your own home. For more info visit for the full recipe on Juliettes blog visit: http://juliettebryan[...]