Savory Seitan Bourguignon

Mmmm, that special dinner just for 2. This is an easy, yet full flavored main dish. It uses seitan, a wheat product usually sold with a tamari juice. Red wine, garlic, onion, mushrooms and savory herbs come together to win your Valentine’s heart. Or just make your dish the hit of the potluck. Serve over Smashed Smooshed Potatoes.

To make gluten free, use the nutty party dippers instead of the seitan.

Come cook Yummy, FAB food with LaDiva Dietitian and her BFF, Marty Davey, MS, RD LDN. LaDiva has a blast in the kitchen with easy recipes and gads of cooking tips.

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LaDiva Dietitian is an international cooking/nutrition video star! LaDiva cooks up Yummy, no cholesterol food while keeping her girlish figure. Her motto is: Good Hair = Good Nutrition.

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