‘This is one comic you have to make the effort to see’ – The Scottish Herald

VV TV was delighted to catch up with the inspirational comedian Dave Chawner.

Dave and Karin connected 3 years ago and Dave took part in the first Veganuary that Karin promoted and now Dave is mixing his talent with his vegan journey with his new comedy show. After a whirlwind tour Dave will be performing The Leicester Square Theatre at the end of September and the show is being filmed too. 

We caught up with Dave to found out more…. 

‘This is one comic you have to make the effort to see’ – The Scottish Herald

Dave great to chat so what’s The New Show Called?

C’est La Vegan

Oooo intriguing tell us more!

It’s all about the origin of food, ideas and views. I started looking into veganism, when Brexit happened, then Trump got elected and it made me think about how important the origins of your beliefs are.

Looking forward to seeing you live…. so what is your favourite joke from the show?

Not always the audiences favourite joke is the performers favourite joke. From this show my favourite joke is a stupid, ridiculous one:

‘Shania Twain is vegan…but that don’t impress me much’

It’s not only the stupidity of the joke I love, but the way that people laugh, judge themselves and then moan – it’s delicious!

Why veganism Dave?

I grew up eating meat (not continuously obviously). My Dad was a butcher, so I always knew where my food came from but never really thought about it. When I got into my early 20’s I began thinking about it and decided that I could easily be vegetarian. When I got offered the opportunity to perform at VegFest I looked into veganism and became obsessed by it

How do non-vegans react to the show?

I don’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable. The show is not about saying anyone’s choices are better than others, it is really about getting people to think for themselves and make up their own minds. It’s been difficult trying to get the balance right, but I think it’s important not to ostracise people

Why have you used comedy to share veganism?

There are a lot of lazy stereotypes about vegans. I wanted to use comedy to destroy those rather than entrench them. I love the ability that comedy has to reach people – when people are laughing they have to be listening, when they are listening they can learn and people learn better when they’re having fun.

Why are more comedians going vegan? You are one of the headliners at VegfestUK London this year and we have an incredible amount of vegan comedians performing! 

It’s cheaper! I also can’t help think that comedy is a very self-reflective thing, you have to know what you believe before you can joke about what anybody else believes. 

What’s the response been like for your show?

Incredible! One of the many things that I love about vegans is that they are all so lovely. So far my shows at The Brighton Fringe and The Leicester Comedy Festival have been sold out and they’ve been amazing. One family even bought me a vegan cake with my face on it! 

Super – cant wait to see you on stage Dave! Break a leg!





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