Tony Bishop Weston
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Everyone’s favourite vegan pirate and super vegan chef…… Tony Bishop Weston….. and regular contributor to VeggieVision TV too….

So, tell us something amazing about you that not many people know…..

I’d rather be naked especially in the sunshine, if it’s the winter I’d rather be naked in bed, Iguess if you’ve seen or own a copy of my first cookbookyou’d worked that out.

How long you have been vegan?

I’ve been Vegan since 1994 so that’s over 20 years

And why vegan?

Because I can’t think of a good excuse why not, all you have to to do is choose product A rather than product B, no really much to ask in return for being kinder to health and kinder to the planet whilst avoiding killing and torturing animals just for the fun of a bit of tastebud tittilation.

Please tell us about any writing, presenting, and/ or other interesting stuff you do?

I used to be owner/proprietor of a boutique hotel in the Highlands of Scotland called Taigh Na Mara Scottish Vegan Guesthouse which won loads of awards in the 1990s I’m now a consultant chef helping companies with recipe development, I write cookbooks, I’ve presented on TV and Radio and can frequently be caught dressing up in blouses and appearing as my alter ego Captain James Tea Cook Pirate of The Carob Bean to teach rapscallions about healthy eating and cooking.

So it has to be asked… what’s your favourite Food?

All the usual addictive substances Ice cream (Booja Booja) Veggie Sausages (vegusto, Frys, VBites, Tofutti, vegetarian Choice Lincolnshire,) Pizza , thick chips, but top of the list is a puff pastry ale pie I make with oyster mushrooms and walnuts. Oh and mince pies. Oh and tempeh, avocado, rocket and sun dried tomato sandwiches on granary bread. Oh and vegan dairy free blue/strong cheese on digestive biscuits with a glass of port. Oh and kale chips gently oven roasted with smoked paprika and coconut sugar and Himilayan rock salt……

What’s your favourite way to chill out?

Snuggled up on the sofa with my family and a good movie, a good bottle of beer, some paprika crisps and some posh chocolate.

Spill the beans…. What’s your perfect date?

Ranting on about how easy it is to go vegan with Karin Ridgers on the TV 😉

Who inspires you and why?

Karin Ridgers, always full of optimism, limitless energy , bubbly personality and dogged determination and always with an enviable armful of free vegan goodies.

(VV TV…. Trying to stop laughing…..)

What can the reader expect from your super blog??

Irregular infrequent but delicious random vegan inspiration and latest health science

What would you like to say to the super VeggieVision TV viewer?

We are running out of time to save the world from human selfishness and stupidity. If you are not yet vegan visit your nearest Vegfest as soon as possible. If your friends are not vegan take advantage of the bring a friend for free offers on Vegfest tickets and bring them to Vegfest. Get a really good cookbook and invite non vegan friends to dinner. Make vegan cakes and take them into work for your work colleagues.

 + What websites shall we mention for you?

@bishopweston @jamesteacook

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