Rebecca Kane
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We welcome our wonderful friend and “Raw Food Royalty” Rebecca Kane, Author and Presenter and Founder of Your SHEro’s Journey.

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Rebecca Kane

Rebecca Kane

Rebecca tells us….:

When I said “Yes” to that little knowing voice inside of me and let go of the ‘should’s’ and ‘what ifs’, my life changed.

The more I loved myself and began to trust myself the more I got in return.

For over half of my life I had been a yo-yo dieter, but oblivious to the fact.

My wardrobe should have been a give-away; my clothes ranged from a UK size 8 to 14! However I managed not to ‘see’ this. I had tried all sorts of diets, and diets that I believed were natural; I had eaten for my Ayurvedic constitution, I had food combined and un-combined, I had cut out carbs, I had eaten seasonally, I had filled up on the latest ‘superfood’, and had a cupboard full of the latest wonder nutrients.

Yet something still seemed missing, so I just waited for the next book or trend to catch my eye, ready for my next experiment.

Raw foods changed this for me and for the first time I began to understood my relationship with food.

The more I ate ‘clean’ food; foods that are not processed, free of additives and full of nutrients and vitality, the ‘cleaner’ and clearer I became.

Instead of listening to what the latest ‘guru’ advised and hoping that they would provide me with the answer, the clearer my own voice was becoming and I found myself listening to what my body actually wanted.

I started eating what I knew to be right for me and not what I thought I should be eating. The results were amazing! Of course there was weight loss, clear skin and oodles of energy but more than that I felt a deeper connection to myself, and a profound sense of clarity as I moved forward. This opened the way for new experiences and provided me with the confidence to take on bigger challenges.

My passion is to help people reconnect to their true nature, find their voice and support them take their lives to the next level too and I see food as having a key role in this. The food we eat literally creates us and our experience of the world. With each meal we have we have the opportunity to create our lives and I think this is incredible and very empowering.




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