Marty Davey – LaDiva
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Marty Davey Ladiva

Why vegan?  

LaDiva:  Why, Darling, it is the best way to keep my girlish figure and FAB hair!

Marty: It is the most sustainable way to eat for your personal biochemistry and the planet’s. I started because of narcissistic self-health and now see my job as lasting legacy.

Favourite Food 

LaDiva: Potatoes, Chocolate & Martinis.  In that order.

Marty:Potatoes, Kale, chocolate and berries

Favourite way to chill out

LaDiva: Massage, jacuzzi jets and Sex On the Beach . . . the drink I mean, Darling . . . well sort of.

Marty: Depending on the weather either going to movies or watching movies in the winter, sitting on the beach in the summer

Who inspires you and why

LaDiva: Anyone who took a good look at themselves, realized they needed to go on a no cholesterol, get-my-girlish-figure-back diet and took the steps to make it happen.  It’s very hard to let go of something you have done for a long time.  The world is full of heroes.  Sometimes they are even ourselves.

Marty: Gosh, that’s a long list.  It starts with my parents who showed me resilience and unconditional love.  They weren’t perfect and had a lot of hardship, but they loved each other, forgave foibles, never gave up on a goal.  

As to who inspires me to keep writing and spreading the info on being vegan, it would be kids.  Any kids.  As adults we have a responsibility to give them the most compassionate, safe and sustainable life and world.


LaDiva Dietitian is an international cooking/nutrition video star! LaDiva cooks up Yummy, no cholesterol food while keeping her girlish figure. Her motto is: Good Hair = Good Nutrition.

LaDiva also writes The Cupcake and Life Blog covering cupcake taste tests, book writing frustrations and other incredibly important stuff.  Oh, she LUVS her immersion blender.

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