Juliet Gellatley
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Inspiring 1000’s worldwide to take action and spread the vegan word and making the world a better place for animals is the Juliet Gellatley, and OMG we are buzzing with excitement as she is taking some time out of her bonkers busy schedule to be one of our Star Bloggers.

So come on Juliet , tell us something amazing about you that not many people know…..!

I stopped a drunk guy from stabbing a man in an A&E ward. 

Hmmmm  rather brave…..How long you have been vegan?

About three decades.

And why vegan?

Veganism is a celebration of life; eating animals is the ultimate violation of life. As a humane being how could I condone calves being snatched from their mothers? Or male chicks being crushed to death by the egg industry? I originally changed because of my abhorrence of factory farming and shortly afterwards because I didn’t want to exploit animals. 

Please tell us about a little about the interesting stuff you do?

My job is nothing if not varied! In the last couple of months, I’ve interviewed free runner Tim Shieff in his London home nestled in the stars; watched Adele with actor Jerome Flynn in his Welsh home while the winds howled outside and hail stones battered the windows; written a feature on a professor of cancer biology showing how dairy promotes cancer; given several talks including one at Bristol University on why you don’t need dairy; chosen the content for Viva!’s one-off magazine Everyone’s Going Vegan; filmed a lifestyle video – Vegan Breakfasts with lots of friends, colleagues and my sons! And – very harrowing – investigated a major egg farm and pig farm – and had to talk to camera about the appalling conditions  I saw, and the ruthless abuse of these poor animals. 

Wow, its non stop…. well it has to be asked… what’s your favourite Food?

Roast garlic.

On its own? For breakfast? Well we like it too however maybe on roast potatoes or something…!  

So what’s your favourite restaurant?

That’s tough. Acorn in Bath.

Yes its really quite special 🙂  

What’s your favourite ways to chill out?

Being massaged. Sharing good wine with good friends; watching a film with my sons snuggled up on the settee with pop corn and chocolate. 

Sounds lovely….. OK… spill the beans…. What’s your perfect date?

Bristol Lido in the snow! The magic of being under the stars whilst shivering (briefly) in a cold pool then immersing yourself in a hot Jacuzzi is very special, if not slightly insane. It’s a perfect date, so followed by a massage and delicious vegan dinner!

Who inspires you and why?

Dead: Mahatma Gandhi because he was an honest seeker of truth, a fearless defender of the weak and uncompromising practitioner of non-violence.

Alive: my colleagues at Viva!, especially Justin Kerswell and Tony Wardle who are both exceptionally talented and who can always see the bigger picture. And who have helped persuade many millions to change their diet. 

sept 15What can the reader expect from your super blog??

Super blogging with passion! 

What would you like to say to the super VeggieVision TV viewer?

Good to connect with a super hero. (Super hero to the animals at the very least!) 

+ What websites shall we mention for you?

www.viva.org.uk everything about Viva!, going and being vegan and moving in that direction and our campaigns to save animals and the planet

www.vivahealth.org.uk health resources and campaigns

www.whitelies.org.uk all about being dairy-free

www.veganrecipeclub.org.uk hundreds of tasty dairy-free, vegan recipes

www.viva.org.uk/30dayvegan sign up for a month’s daily bulletins with recipes, nutrition tips, veg celebs, cookery videos

www.vivashop.org.uk treats, eats, books, guides, tees…

www.myvegantown.org.uk helping you eat out – a vegan directory for the vegetarian and vegan community




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