Joey Brannigan
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OMG we are SUPER excited to tell you that THE Joey Brannigan is one of our STAR BLOGGERS! Yay! Find out a little more below, share the love, find him on social media and even check him out live….vvMAINpic


Joey Brannigan (Born 18/01/1984) is a Stand Up comedian, Poet and Writer from Coventry. He currently lives in the small village of Wolvey. He has performed all over the country and is known for his witty ways of winding people up, as well as his stories and observations that are as blissfully self-deprecating as they are well observed social comment. Known also for his poetry, Joey performs regularly in London and has a colourful and varied way with words.

OK Joey… spill those vegan beans….tell us something amazing about you that not many people know…..!

I am utterly convinced that I am an optical illusion. I turn 32 years old on Jan 18th 2016, but often get mistaken for 10 or more years younger than this. Which is great and all. But it gets a bit much when at 32 you get refused service on a Lotto ticket, and your mate who is with you (and is younger than you) is assumed by the woman on the til to be your Dad!

How long you have been vegan?

I turned Vegetarian at 11 years old, and vegan about 8 years ago now.

And why vegan?

It seems odd answering this question for VeggieVision TV a vegan internet TV station, as the majority of those reading this will have an understanding of it, whether they share the dietary or ethical choice or not. However I do understand peoples reasons for these choice can vary greatly. I gave up meat at such a young age as the concept of eating it didn’t ever sit well with me. It was an easy move to make.

As for Veganism, if I am entirely honest, for me, first and foremost it was as a dietary choice. In the years that have followed that has altered slightly, I believe it is a healthy way to live both in terms of ourselves and in terms of animal welfare. Lets face it, there is so much great vegan food out there that, if you love animals, there really is no excuse!

Please tell us about any writing, presenting, and/ or other interesting stuff you do?

I write and perform stand-Up comedy and have for a good few years now. I also write and perform poetry; often using that as an outlet for some of my less comedic thoughts. However, I have been known to merge both sides of my creative tongue to create poems, spoken word and wind-up letters that would sit well in either world. I also am writing a novel, but thats a whole different story (pun intended).

So it has to be asked… what’s your favourite Food?

There is this great vegetarian restaurant in Rugby called Summersault. Over the years it has expanded and went from strength to strength. They always have vegan options available and their salads are fantastic. I think their mixed bean salad is to the tastebuds what the sound of waves is to the ear. A gentle, reassuring sound with that air of possibility. Sounds strange, but yea…bean salad! And for Londoners? COOKIES & SCREAM! CAMDEN MARKET!

What’s your favorite way to chill out?

I like watching DVD’s. I often will session a Series (or ‘Season’ if you’re American) of something over a rainy Sunday afternoon. Other than that I am a sucker for a good (or bad) Horror film, and have quite a collection. Of course, I love music as well. I have thousands of CD’s (literally) and enjoy a mixture of Hardcore, Punk, Metal, Indie and bits and pieces from other genres. Downloading is for fools, I love buying CD’s.

What’s your perfect date Joey?

I do take myself on dates quite a lot. Buy one ticket to a gig, and a return train to London. Treat myself to shopping and dinner beforehand. It doesnt always end ‘romantically’, but at least the morning after isn’t awkward!

Love that Joey! Who inspires you and why?

My three main inspirations are my mum and dad, my late grandad and my 4 friends. I have 4 friends. I never name them, as they know who they are. If they think they are one of them, they probably are. If they are not sure, they are probably not. I don’t really look to celebrities or public figures for inspiration. I feel that influences directly from our own lived experience are what matters in this life.

Hahahaha – What can the reader expect from your super blog??

Inconsistency. I am really excited to have a space where I can just write whatever is on my mind. Whether it is funny, sad, satirical, dark, light or even just drivel. I plan to use this as a way for me to take my often quite over-thought observations or anecdotes and sharing them, without the pressures that come with Comedy, Poetry or similar outlets.

What would you like to say to the super VeggieVision TV viewer?

Hello! Thank you for taking the time to visit VeggieVision!

Ahhhh thank you! 🙂

+ What websites shall we mention for you?

Feel free to follow me on twitter : @joeybrannigan or look me up/’like’ or add me on Facebook.

Cool – will do and really looking forward to seeing Joey on VV TV a lot more 🙂 


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