Glenn Fraser
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O.M.G… when we say we have some rather hot stuff Star Bloggers we ain’t kidding…. how lucky are we that super vegan film maker, the  Glenn Fraser is writing for us when he has time in his busy schedule….

From his pioneering work in interactive theatre in Australia in the ‘90s, through to his multi-award winning short films, Glenn has always sought to read the world through its darker reflections.

Over the years Glenn’s short films have won recognition at the Sydney Film Festival, Tropfest, Sundance and Edinburgh. He has written and directed dozens of hours of animation, television, documentary and educational programming and created well-reviewed theatre pieces both in Sydney and in London. Glenn thrives on putting his ear to the heartbeats of the stories he discovers, and believes it crucial to walk in the shoes of the characters he creates. It’s through a prism of documentary truth he believes key to finding the integrity of a great narrative. Truth being stranger than fiction, and all that.

Glenn has contributed to diverse media journals such as Broadcast (UK), Cinema Papers and Inside Film, helped design specialist workflow for post production at both BBC and ABC and designed and taught both theoretical and practical filmmaking courses at the Australian Film Television and Radio School.

He has just finished shooting a narrative set in the worlds of human trafficking called WHAT TOOK YOU SO LONG? and his prepping his horror thriller feature film THE PASSENGER.

So, tell us something amazing about you that not many people know Glenn…..?

I may be a peace / love / mung beans type, but the stuff that I create is black as pitch. I guess I have a healthy understanding of the difference between real life and make-believe.

How long you have been vegan?

Exactingly only a few years, though have been mostly so and strictly vego for 28 years. Since I uncovered the truth behind dairy and the egg industry via the internet, so even before that I had been conspicuously missing the joining up of some of the ethical elements. We never stop learning.

Glenn FraserAnd why vegan? 

I don’t think that with all the information at our fingertips, we can continue to deny the wealth of evidence – health, climate, cruelty – that surrounds us. To exist consciously, we must take the next step.

Please tell us about your film making… 

Filmmaking is my gig. I love the fantastical, the horrific, and science fiction. But my stories always end with a message of hope – allowing us something to cling to. I’m still a big fan of roleplaying games – particularly the horror stuff like Call of Cthulhu. With these systems in play, I often get to workshop some of my ideas in the comfort of my own home, without the machinery of a film crew around.

So it has to be asked… what’s your favourite Food?

Mexican. Still never been there, though…

What’s your favourite way to chill out?

I’m a little juvenile. Apart from the obvious watching movies, it would have to be a great multiplayer session on some first person shooter on the PS4, like BATTLEFIELD. There’s a certain satisfaction in caning tossers with handles like BaconLover101.

Spill the beans…. What’s your perfect date?

Someone adventurous. Someone unafraid of cold water, mysterious train trips and making love outdoors 😀 (“OMG”! – Editor!)

Hmmmm and breathe……So... Who inspires you and why?

James Cameron. Read the science, manned up and changed he and his family’s life to follow a kinder path. And he makes kick-arse films.

What can the reader expect from your super blog??

Challenge, I would hope.

What would you like to say to the super VeggieVision TV viewer?

Keep spreading the gentle word.

Where can we see a little more Glenn…

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