Gabriela Lerner
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We are delighted to announce that Raw Nutrition Coach and Raw Food Chef Gabriela Lerner is part of the gorgeous VeggieVision TV team…. yay!  gabi-gold-hill-farm-030916-24

Gabriela, the Founder of Radiant on Raw and author of ‘Food Heroes‘ says;

“Raw food is a lifestyle, which includes not just the foods we eat, but also our spiritual, emotional and physical wellbeing too.”

Gabriela has trained in raw nutrition, integrative nutrition and personal development consulting. She has cured herself of Fibromyalgia, IBS and Hypoglycemia and has helped her husband recover from prostate cancer, all with the help of raw, vegan food and adopting a healthy, holistic and sustainable lifestyle.

Bringing her skills together, she now teaches her unique approach of a nutrient dense, low sugar, vegan diet combined with healthy exercise, mindfulness and an attitude of health through her classes, retreats and in 1-to-1 coaching programmes.

Gabriela lives in rural Dorset in the South West of England and works with clients all over the world. She is passionate about helping people shift to a culture of health, where living healthily is not a burden and offers joy, abundance and freedom.

We look forward to sharing her views and some recipes with you too….

How long you have been vegan/ Veggie?

Vegetarian 5 years, vegan 4 years.

Why vegan?

It was actually triggered by my husband’s cancer diagnosis… so really a health decision. This then also impacted on my own health and ultimately awakened me to an awareness where I no longer wanted to eat animal foods or do anything that harms another sentient being… not always easy, as we have recently seen with the launch of the new £5 note.

Presenting/ acting experience / other interesting stuff you do…?

I guess I’m best known for inspiring people to live a raw vegan lifestyle. I run retreats worldwide that help people experience the energy and power that comes from raw vegan food combined with a learning on how to streamline their lives into one of peace and love.  I have a video channel and blog where I share my recipes and life style tips and I speak publicly at vegan and health shows. 

Personally I’m fascinated by the idea of a new evolution. A future where science and spirit come together to create a better, peaceful world for all, humans, animals, plants, all life forms.

gabi-gold-hill-farm-030916-40Favourite Food?

My large freshly pressed green juice every morning, lovingly prepared by my husband. I rely on this for energy all through the day.

A large salad with mixed greens and what I call ‘all the trimmings’ as described in my book Food Heroes, simply dressed with lemon juice and olive oil.

Carrots… I can’t go past a freshly sliced piece of organic carrot without eating it!

Favourite way to chill out?

My daily walk with my husband, Neil and our Pug William

Dru Yoga – I go to a class once a week

Being by the ocean.

Whats your perfect date?

A delicious raw vegan meal somebody else makes for me – and having breakfast in the sun with my husband, Neil.

Who inspires you and why?

I don’t think I’m inspired by just one person. It changes all the time depending on my own personal and spiritual development. Right now I crave Eckart Tolle, who’s books The Power of Now and A New Earth have helped me to find a deeper peace within myself and are teaching me to be more present.

I’m also inspired by our daughters who both pursue their lives in a way that truly matters to them. Both have incredible wisdom and great values, that I wish I had had when I was their age.

Your website:

We are super excited to have Gabriela as part of the VV TV team! 



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