How to Make a Vegan Scotch Egg

A delicious way to make a vegan scotch egg.

Break up some slices of bread and put them in the food processor.  Without crusts.  Blend until they are a crumb.  Any excess can easily frozen.    Alternatively, buy a packet of breadcrumbs.

Mix a packet of shop bought veggie sausage mix with water and let it rest as per packet instructions.

Boil a small potato (per item) and skin and mash with a little marge.   Add salt, pepper, a little minced garlic, a pinch of turmeric for colour, a little dairy free cream for consistency.

Using and ice cream scoop remove an egg shape, or two halves, from a block of extra firm tofu.  If a whole egg the cut in half.   Scoop out a small area for the ‘yolk’.  Fill with the potato mixture and push together forming an approximate egg shape.

Mix together a little flour and water to coating the back of the spoon consistency.  Set aside.

Make a shell type of covering on the egg using the sausage mix until it will close around egg completely.

Put egg into flour and water mix to coat then drop directly into breadcrumbs, rolling them around until coated.

Place them in high medium/hot oil and cook until golden brown.

Then scoff down and smile as you know no chicken has suffered and you are enjoying something a little different too.


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