Is Veganism Manly? Ft. Hench Herbivore

Paul Kerton is a 44 year old personal trainer and nutritionist based in Norwich, England. He also presents and produces the highly popular Hench Herbivore YouTube channel.

Among his more notable clients have been international footballer Russell Martin, pro golfer Sergio Barba and TV personality Anneka Svenska. He counts former Mr Universe Barny du Plessis among his previous training partners.

Fuelled by the desire to redress the damage he did when he was unaware it is unnecessary to eat animal products, Paul now tours the country giving talks on veganism and has appeared on TV and radio including the BBC World Service’s Newshour.

Paul was recently interviewed by his local TV station. He made us vegans proud, and did a great job at bringing up important points. You must watch the video for yourself!

Watch the interview below:

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