How To Make Flax Crackers with Rebecca Kane

How To Make Flax Crackers

Raw chef and founder of Shine on Raw Rebecca Kane shows us how to make some seriously delicious raw Flax crackers.


Soak your flax seeds in 3 cups of water for up to 4 hours, until they acquire a gloopy consistency.

Add the flax seeds to the food processor, followed by the pepper, the carrot, half an onion, your cumin seeds, the tamari and the juice of one lemon. Mix until well blended.

Spread the mixture on your Paraflexx sheet on a Dehydrator tray with a spoon for a layer about 1-3mm thick.

Once this is done score the mixture in the shape of your crackers to make removal easier.

Put the tray in the dehydrator for 6-7 hours at 105° c ,then remove, peel off tray and turn over, before placing back into the dehydrator for another 4-5 hours at 105° c.


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