Field Fare Continue To Expand Their Meat Free Range

VeggieVision TV is so pleased to see Field Fares vegan range growing and we have to say their vegan Cornish Pasties are absolutely delicious! We loved their burgers in a bun with sliced avocado and lashings of vegan mayo.

Premium frozen food specialist, Field Fare, continues to expand their meat free ranges with vegan pasties and quinoa burgers, and vegetarian savoury pastries: authenticity direct from specialist producers …

All sold loose, individually, without packaging and frozen … minimising both food and plastic waste …

The stats say it all … 34% of meat-eaters reduced their meat consumption in 2018, due to health or environmental concerns, according to a recent Mintel survey. Their prediction is that the meat-free market will grow by 44% by 2023 and not surprisingly, 2018 saw a record number of vegan products launching in the UK, as meat-free moves into the mainstream as a lifestyle choice.

Having launched 40 years ago with fresh frozen, loose serve fruit and veg, field fare has its trailblazing roots in vegan and environmental solutions. They have since introduced biodegradable bags to this Simply Scoop format, which now number over 80 lines; and allows customers to scoop precise amounts into minimal packaging or, in selected shops, into BYO refillable containers.

They continue to grow their premium vegetarian and vegan offer, which now numbers 30 ready meals, over 80 loose serve fruit and veg lines and 30 bakery lines including sweet and savoury products, all underpinned by a promise of innovation, authenticity, sourced from specialist producers, and uncompromising quality. With more to come …

A Proper Cornish Vegan Pasty … Handmade in Bodmin by the UK’s leading producer of handcrafted pasties, this is as close to the authentic recipe of a traditional Cornish Pasty as vegan can get. Proper Cornish pack their hand crimped pastry with fresh Cornish potatoes, swedes and onions, a traditional peppery pop and soya-based vegan mince; all brushed with a vegan glaze.

Quinoa, Beetroot & Edamame Burger … perfect for the barbecue season, but equally delicious sliced in wraps, this firm, flavoursome burger is both vegan and gluten free. Crammed with Superfoods, it is made with quinoa, beetroot and Edamame beans, a punchy combination of spices and a warming hint of chilli, topped with a sprinkling of pumpkin seeks.

Availability of field fare products: over 400 farm shops, garden centres, delis and butchers across the UK, which stock field fare products. A postcode-activated search for local stockists can be found at www.field-