Feng Shui Tips for a Better Home and Office

We have fallen in love with Feng Shui here at VV TV and feel its something that everyone can benefit from.

Super Feng Shui teacher and practitioner Jackie Tyrrell is the founder of Feng Shui Pathway and she shares some easy Feng Shui tips with us that can make a good difference to your home and office….

A few feng shui tipsjackie4

Just by clearing clutter  you can lift the atmosphere in your home.  This encourages a good flow of positive energy (Chi) and brings new opportunities into your life.

Have plenty of healthy plants around the house to cleanse and ionise the air in your home.  Avoid dried flowers in the house and remove dead and ailing plants.

Air your home regularly.  Open doors and windows on a nice sunny day or just after rain when the air is fresh.

If you can see the back door from an open front door this may cause Chi energy to come into the home but rush out the back door. (symbolic of wealth coming in and rushing straight out)

You will need to place plants, artwork or mirrors to gently guide the Chi energy into the home and prevent it rushing out the back door.

Place a money tree  (Crassula Ovata) into the South East sector of your home to help improve your good fortune.

Keep your toilet seat down to stop the positive ‘Chi’ energy going down the drain.

Large mirrors and TV screens reflect a lot of energy, in the bedroom this can lead to poor sleep.  Cover them up at night to see if your sleep improves.

Make sure your front door and entrance hall are clean, tidy, attractive and well lit.  Also keep the centre of your home clutter free.

What Feng Shui is about

Feng Shui is not just about moving furniture or putting the toilet seat down.    A Feng Shui consultant recognises that the atmosphere, or chi of a building is able to influence our thoughts and feelings.

Feng Shui locates and corrects imbalances and blockages in the vital energy flow of your home. If you are feeling stuck in any area of your life, it might be that the energy of your home is stuck.

On a Feng Shui workshop you learn some of the tools that will help improve the atmosphere and flow of energy in the home and create an environment in which a person can succeed and flourish.

For more information please do check out Jackie’s website – we really recommend her courses and services!


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