Win a years supply (Well 54 Mr Lee’s VEGAN Pot Noodle’s!) Have 1 a week or share with friends and family!



Gluten-free and one of the lowest in sugar, salt, calories and saturated fats compared with other instant noodle brands, Mr Lee’s Noodles have two delicious vegan friendly flavours.

Due to the processing methods their noodles are fresher, tastier and healthier and the flavour of their vegetables has been locked in – as well as most of the nutrients.

Convenient, healthy and incredibly tasty -and you can win a years supply of Mr Lee’s delicious VEGAN noodles

• Dragon Fire Vegetables (Vegan)
• Zen Garden Vegetables (Vegan)

Mr Lee’s Noodles are available to buy in packs of six for £17.94 via the website