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  • Vegan Friendly Mocktails

      We are loving these delicious vegan friendly mocktails from Cracker Drinks - ideal what ever the weather and occasion. We also love that these guys are registered with The Vegan Society! The Nojito went down really well, we also tried with organic lemonade and sparkling water.   No[...]

  • Warm Millet Salad and Avocado Stuffed with Hummus

      Millet is a gluten free nutty grain that can be cooked or steamed to provide a perfect nutritious base to salads & stews. It's alkalinity and low allergenic properties ensure it is soothing for the digestive system during cleansing and beyond. I love its nutty flavour & find it a v[...]

  • Baked Sweet Potato and Borlotti Bean Stew

      A delicious and simple vegan friendly main course that's protein packed and makes a refreshing change from a regular baked potato too. Ideal for a healthy, clean eating cleanse! With many thanks so the rather super Chris James....  4 SERVINGS – Cooking time: 30 minutes Sw[...]

  • Vegan Friendly Cocktails

    We do love The Cracker Drinks Co - especially as they are registered with the Vegan Society and take the time to proudly show their vegan symbol on their packaging!  Their new Still and Cloudy lemonade has been a big hit with the VV TV reviewers. We are looking forward to trying the v[...]

  • Sushi Mince Pies Wheat free, Gluten free and Vegan!

      Guilt-Free Sushi Mince Pies From Yutaka  With Christmas just around the corner Japanese food company Yutaka thought that it was time for sushi mince pies. Instead of pastry, these mince pies have cases made from sushi rice, which means you can have a traditional treat, without the [...]